Daily Create

by Andrew Johnson

Something Good on a Rainy Day

As I woke up on the morning of April 3rd, I peeped out the window to see rain falling onto the streets below. Now many would see a rainy day as slow & perhaps even sad, but not me. As I walked to class, I felt a presence of nature and silence, something we don’t find very often in our everyday lives. Towards the middle of my walk through campus, I noticed a small bird, a wren, sitting on a broken tree branch with a fellow mate. This made me smile because it reminded me of how even though the dead tree branch was incapable of living, there was another life form taking its place, with death, comes life.

A green and brown rural landscape leading into a bright blue ocean and slightly cloudy sky, done in oil paints.


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  1. I also enjoy rainy days.

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