Technologies & Beyond

by Andrew Johnson

As introduced, my character, Jonathan, lives near the San Fransisco Bay Area. His backstory starts with growing up in a semi-nice suburban household with both parents and a younger brother. Jonathan graduated from USC with a master’s in digital media, with a graduate degree in business law.

He started an internship with Twitter in the summer of his senior year of college and continued to work there for a few years while finishing his master’s. On the side, he came across as a young investor, searching the real-estate industry for additional income. This allowed him to make connections among various clients.

After completing a contract agreement for a top executive’s penthouse, Jonathan was offered a job at Aggressive Technologies, which is a multi-billion dollar tech corporation. They run much more than Jonathan’s mind could even imagine and when he did some research, he decided to accept a position as a digital media consultant, who makes contract deals with other companies that aim to discover the newest technology available. We shall see what Jonathan makes of himself in this new industry of commerce.


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