Weekly Summary 14 & Final Video Project

by Andrew Johnson

For week 14, my group’s main goal was to complete the Final Video Project incorporating our AI Characters from ds106. It was a very exciting project and we are happy to have it done for our viewers. In this process, my classmates Andrew Poon and Jackson Beale helped formulate a script as well as questions that we used to put together all the pieces. Throughout the video, we wanted to share the pros and cons of AI in the work environment. That said, we used Dr. Oblivion to answer questions regarding the pros and cons to see if he had any input on the case at hand. Our group used iMovie to create the video as well as the voice-over feature to records our words. We did have some issues along the way such as uploading it to my blog page, but we figure it would be best to just link the video so that y’all could tune in. Overall, it was great working with my peers and to finish the semester off strong with our final project.

Link to Final Video Project:



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