Weekly Summary

by Andrew Johnson

Watch, Read, Listen

  • Watch: To start this week, I watched the weekly video on assignments that were due for this week. Off of that, I completed my daily creates, my favorite one being Daily Create: 04/05 because it was the perfect theme that I have been waiting to complete. It was fun and exciting to see everyone’s daily creates this week because they involved what was going on outside in our daily lives such as this Daily Create.

Listen & Read: Another assignment I wanted to complete was listening to ds106 Radio and producing a post about my listening experience. Here’s the link, Listening Experience. I found all the radio shows to be full of engagement. The ones I listened to engaged the listener to different aspects of AI, some even used Aggressive Technologies as the base of their show. When I joined the discord for ds106 while the radio shows were taking place, reading the numerous comments about what my fellow classmates liked/ disliked was a great piece of class participation. Thank you for all that enjoyed my radio show, Three Point Chatter.


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